Gato Barbieri – New York meeting (2010)

Gato Barbieri - New York meeting (2010)
Artist: Gato Barbieri
Album: New York meeting
Genre: Jazz / Smooth Jazz
Origin: Argentina
Released: 2010
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps

01 – Equinox- 6.57
02 – Its over- 5:48
03 – Preparense- 8:11
04 – Straight no chaser- 6:12
05 – Blue in green- 6:09
06 – Someday my prince will come -7:24
07 – So what- 9:15


I own many recordings by Gato Barbieri, both well-known and obscure. He is best known for his passionate, drawn out improvisations. But he is also known by those of a certain age for his more smooth and melodic projects. New York Meeting is a departure from both styles in that it is a straight-ahead jazz album, reminiscent of some of the best jazz of the late ’50s and early ’60s. Think Verve and Blue Note. Barbieri was 78 when this was recorded, but here he plays with all the controlled virtuosity of a much younger man. The passion and fire are still there, but he reins in his tendency to excess to be just one member of a combo in which each musician is as important as his fellows. Featured are Carlos Franzetti on piano, David Finck on contrabajo, Nestor Astarita on percussion, and of course Gato Barbieri on tenor saxophone.

Most tunes are covers of jazz giants everyone knows: Thelonius Monk, John Coltrane, and Miles Davis. But it was the stupendous swinging take on Astor Piazzolla’s Preparense which drew me in. That alone is worth many times the price of the CD. That cut remains my favorite but I am also fired up by Coltrane’s Equinox, Monk’s Straight No Chaser, and Davis’ So What, on which Barbieri comes closest to his musical abandon of old.

The CD is attractively packaged in a six-panel gatefold and comes with a useful booklet containing pictures, album information, biographical sketches of the musicians, and musings by Astarita and modern Argentine musical giant Litto Nebbia. If you ever liked Gato Barbieri but haven’t heard of him lately, New York Meeting will reawaken the spirit of his magic in your soul. Get it while it remains available, you’ll treasure it always.
Jurt Harding