Galt MacDermot – Shapes Of Rhythm (1966)

Galt MacDermot - Shapes Of Rhythm (1966)
Artist: Galt MacDermot
Album: Shapes Of Rhythm
Genre: Jazz-Funk, Soul
Origin: Canada
Released: 1966
Quality: mp3, 192 kbps

01. Lady, You Look Good To Me
02. Farmland
03. Coffee Cold
04. Marsh Gas
06. The Mouse Roared
07. Tender Meeting
08. M’Babam
09. Field Of Sorrow
10. Alive In Dar-Es-Salaam
11. Spanish Nights
12. I’m Throught With You
13. Coffee Cold (with Fergus MacRoy)


MacDermot’s best remembered for the faux funk he delivered via the soundtrack to Hair. This record is a sterling example of what he does, or did best. The effect is a lot like what the Ramsey Lewis Trio might have sounded like if they stayed up all night listening to Slim Whitman records. This is some seriously unfunky music. That being said, is that necessarily a bad thing? Not at all. This music is so earnest and so heartfelt it’s impossible not to be taken in by its charm. If you like soundtrack music, this is the perfect album to throw on while jogging. It’ll make you feel tough.
Review by Rob Ferrier

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