Gabriela Anders – Last Tango in Rio (2004)

Gabriela Anders - Last Tango in Rio (2004)
Artist: Gabriela Anders
Album: Last Tango in Rio
Genre: Latin Jazz, Bossa Nova
Origin: Argentina
Released: 2004
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
You Go To My Head
Love Is Here To Stay
God Bless The Child
Embrace Me
The Buenos Aires Mix
Body And Soul
All Your Love
Meant To Be
‘Til The End Of Time


The sexy Argentine chanteuse has a wisp of a voice that tops Michael Franks for extreme subtlety, but there’s no denying its calm and seductive appeal on a mix of uniquely arranged Billie Holiday classics and a handful of originals. The best way to describe Anders’ approach to Lady Day is to imagine the legend chilling out in a South American rain forest surrounded by a gentle acoustic guitar and bandeon. “Our Love Is Here to Stay” plays like a slow-speed samba that Astrud Gilberto might feel at home with, but with trance effects. A few too many trippy liberties are taken, however, with “God Bless the Child,” which is hard to recognize melodically even as Anders’ restrained phrasing makes the lyrics clear. The best news for the singer is that at least a few of her originals — particularly “Embrace Me” and the soundscape-enhanced “All Your Love” — feel right at home among those legendary tracks. Judging from the intoxicating “The Buenos Aires Mix,” she’s also not averse to taking some odd-metered risks. No one can accuse Anders of possessing an overwhelming vocal presence, but for exotic make-out music, she’s definitely on top of the pile.
Review by Jonathan Widran