Gabby Young & Other Animals – The Band Called Out For More (2012)

Gabby Young & Other Animals - The Band Called Out For More (2012)
Artist: Gabby Young & Other Animals
Album: The Band Called Out For More
Genre: Jazz/Cabaret/Swing/Indie
Origin: UK
Released: 2012
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps

01. In Your Head 03:10
02. Goldfish Bowl 03:41
03. Walk Away 03:55
04. Male Version Of Me 04:17
05. Open 04:01
06. Clay Heart 02:40
07. Neither The Beginning Nor The End 03:17
08. Horatio 03:58
09. Honey 03:36
10. Segment 03:45
11. The Answer’s In The Question 04:51
12. Curtain Call 02:22
13. The Band Called Out For More 04:01


Agloriously cheerful live performer with an entertaining jumble of styles that match her flamboyant image, Gabby Young (left) could easily be dismissed as a good-time novelty act best suited to parties and festivals. There are certainly furiously upbeat songs here, from the opening In Your Head to the stomping title track, but they only work so well because there’s skill, technique and bravery mixed in with her energy. She has the power, clarity and precision of an opera diva – at 12, she was the youngest member of the National Youth Choir – but she is also an impressive jazz singer, as she shows on Clay Heart and the gospel-edged Open. This is her second album, and it’s filled with often unexpectedly thoughtful, sophisticated songs that continually switch direction, from cool guitar, accordion or piano-backed balladry to furious trumpet and trombone-backed workouts.

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