G.L. Unit – Orangutang! (1969)

G.L. Unit - Orangutang! (1969)
Artist: G.L. Unit
Album: Orangutang!
Genre: Free Jazz
Origin: Sweden
Released: 1969
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
Waves 00:05:56
Experience x 00:06:38
Orangutang 00:07:02
Freedom, equality, brotherhood 00:15:51


First of all, I’m not even going to start mentioning names of those heard on this album because everybody’s on it. The album’s a veritable who’s who of the top players of the Swedish jazz scene at the time; a true big band effort but of course it’s not classic big band jazz with a band leader constantly smiling at the audience, tux dressed players and decorated music stands in front of them. No.

This makes John Coltrane’s ”Ascension” sound like a hummable little ditty.

This is TNT.

”Orangutang!” is the most powerful Swedish 70’s free jazz album, great on an international level, up there with Alan Silva, Globe Unity Orchestra, François Tusques and the lot. Great jazz hurts, and no other Swedish album hurts as good as this one does. But just like any good free jazz album, it has a sense of elevated beauty, a serene lyricism, an intense burning light with your mind being its focal point. And it’s dynamic, effortlessly moving from full blast detonations to jittery reflection. Of course it’s not easy listening, it’s not at all the perfect aural backdrop to a nice barbecue in the garden but it’s got the spark to set your soul ablaze.

I save words like ‘masterpiece’ for albums like this.
by Peter Sjöblom