Frank Gambale – Salve (2018)

Frank Gambale - Salve (2018)
Artist: Frank Gambale
Album: Salve
Genre: Fusion
Origin: Australia
Released: 2018
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
My Soulmine
Fear of Flyin’
Checked Out
Love Is Always the Answer
Slipstream Cowboys
Through the Darkness
The Day Everything Changed
Within My Dreams
Let’s Just Talk About It
Dream Love


Gambale delivers his best album yet, “SALVE”. This album has everything; brilliant guitar-playing, which Gambale is already well-known for, delivered in a context of well-crafted songs that are catchy, and with deep grooves. Boca, his collaborator on this album (and the first Soulmine release 2012 ) sings with deep passion and soul and has written soul-searching, profound lyrics to match Gambale’s intricate and beautiful music. As a pair, these two are explosive, mature, complex, simple and passionate. The collaboration works on all levels.

Gambale also sings three tracks on this album ( Fear Of Flyin’, Slipstream Cowboys and Within My Dreams ). and leaves us wondering why he hasn’t sung on all his songs, it’s a great voice. Boca’s voice is spectacular on this album. She has fire and passion along with smooth and subtle qualities all with an unbelievable technique that combines to bring us some incredible performances. Gambale’s guitar playing has reached an all-time high level of power, tone and phrasing, note-choice and space that has him in a class by himself, truly a guitar legend.

Fans will love this album, and legions of new fans will flock to this stellar album, Frank Gambale Soulmine Feat. Boca “SALVE”.

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