Flavia Coelho – Bossa Muffin (2011)

Flavia Coelho - Bossa Muffin (2011)
Artist: Flavia Coelho
Album: Bossa Muffin
Genre: Latin Jazz, Bossa Nova, World Fusion
Origin: Brazil
Released: 2011
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps

Bossa Muffin (O Viajante) (03:44)
Amor e Futebol (03:41)
Sunshine (03:24)
A Foto (03:28)
De Paris a Rio (03:20)
Cocha Bamba (03:50)
O Gênio (03:17)
Interlude (00:40)
Canta Comigo (03:08)
Agnes (05:12)
Decide (04:22)
O Que Sou (03:33)
Bossa Bika Nova (04:08)
Liberdade (03:14)

Nosso Dario Edition:
Rap Sem Armas (03:01)
Parano (03:43)
Periferia (03:55)
Mina de Niterói (03:07)


Raised in Rio de Janeiro but resident in Paris, Coelho has made waves in France with this debut album, a hybrid that deftly blends Brazilian samba, reggae rhythms and a cosmopolitan attitude. Its lively melodies and genre shifts recall Manu Chao’s Próxima Estación: Esperanza, though Coelho is a more agile vocalist, able to float on the breezy, dancefloor-friendly title track, turn ragga-rapper on Sunshine or play Rio sophisticate on Bossa Bika Nova. The last title acknowledges the input of Cameroon’s Bika Bika Pierre, while producer Vincent Vagh keeps things uncluttered and mostly acoustic (unusually, a French “world” album without synths). A refreshing surprise.

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