Five Star – The Remix Anthology (2013)

Five Star - The Remix Anthology (2013)
Artist: Five Star
Album: The Remix Anthology
Genre: Soul/Funk/Pop
Origin: UK
Released: 2013
Quality: mp3, VBR V0
CD 1:
Hide And Seek (Extented Remix) (7:44)
Crazy (12 Version) (5:52)
All Fall Down (12 Version) (5:35)
Let Me Be The One (Dance Mix) (7:17)
Love Take Over (Paul Hardcastle Extented Version) (6:14)
R.S.V.P. (Remix S’il Vous Plait) (5:45)
System Addict (Dub Remix) (5:09)
Can’t Wait Another Minute (The M&M Remix Version) (8:37)
Find The Time (Shep Pettibone Remix) (6:18)
If I Say (Lew Hahn Us Dub Remix) (6:04)
Out Of My Life (12 Version) (6:16)
Slightest (Slightest Dub) (6:17)

CD 2:
Are You Man Enough (Shep Pettibone 7’mix) (4:23)
Whenever You’re Ready (Crazy Dub Jammy) (5:14)
Somewhere, Somebody (The Pettibone Mix) (4:00)
Another Weekend (Friday Night Dub) (4:48)
Someones In Love (R&B Dance Mix) (7:26)
With Every Heartbeat (12 Mix) (5:20)
Treat Me Like A Lady (Tough Mix) (5:27)
Hot Love (Full Rub) (5:57)
Slide (Slick Hoop Boom Mix) (4:31)
Hide And Seek (7′ Version) (3:37)
Winning (Extented Version) (8:09)
Can’t Wait Another Minute (12′ Mix) (7:15)
If I Say Yes (Urban Remix) (5:47)
The Slightest Touch (Shep Pettibone 7′) (4:20)