Erik Truffaz Quartet – Doni Doni (2016)

Erik Truffaz Quartet - Doni Doni (2016)
Artist: Erik Truffaz Quartet
Album: Doni Doni
Genre: Jazz Fusion/Post-Bop
Origin: Switzerland (Lausanne)
Released: 2016
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps

01. Comptine 01:24
02. Kudu 05:17
03. Djiki’n 04:21
04. Pacheco 06:09
05. Szerelem 05:06
06. Fat City 06:12
07. Doni Doni (Part 1) 04:01
08. Doni Doni (Part 2) 06:58
09. Seydou 03:35
10. Le Complement Du Verbe 03:59


When I heard the very first notes of “Comptine” (the first song on Erik Truffaz Quartet’s Doni Doni), I knew I would like the album: it was the combination of Erik Truffaz’ airy trumpet accompanied with Rokia Traoré’s intensive voice. The following songs proved that sweet jazz with Malian singing is a combination that cannot go wrong!

Erik Truffaz Quartet is a totally new jazz group to me and I was fascinated to find it through the Spotify recommendations. Naturally Truffaz has been around a long time (his recording career started already in 1994) but unfortunately his music had not found its way into my ears until now.

According to several sources, Truffaz seems to have a reputation of combining elements of hip-hop, rock and electronic music into his own compositions. In Doni Doni this can be heard especially in “Le Complément Du Verbe” with its hip-hop backgrounds and Malian rapper Oxmo Puccino’s rhyming. This time, however, the Malian sounds and influences are put in the front: in addition to “Le Complément Du Verbe”, Truffaz introduces another Malian artist when Rokia Traoré takes the role as the leading vocalist. Traoré features in four songs which she delivers beautifully by giving a unique flavor of Malian traditional singing. Check below the amazingly beautiful “Djiki’n” featuring Traoré.

There are many reasons why I have enjoyed listening to Doni Doni. I’ve always been fond of artists who dare to bend the genre burdens and Doni Doni is a great example of this: the album moves from classic Rhodes-driven jazz (“Pacheco“) to afrobeat (“Part II“) and psychedelic jazz (“Fat City“), without forgetting jazzy hip-hop (“Le Complément Du Verbe“). The sound is very rich and playful giving the listener a lot to observe.

However, what I really liked was the fact that it introduced Rokia Traoré to me and lately I have been listening to her albums as well. It’s always fascinating when talented artists collaborate. That is one of the best ways to extend the listeners musical knowledge.

Doni Doni is a great album to give medicine for the winter days. The album is all about taking the listener to a musical journey to the richly toned world of Truffaz‘s sounds. Check out below the album teaser (with a great “Doni Doni – Part 2”) which lets you have a look at Erik Truffaz Quartet‘s recording sessions. Doni Doni was released in January 15th via Parlophone France.

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