Epic J Trio – Time of No Time (2019)

Epic J Trio - Time of No Time (2019)
Artist: Epic J Trio
Album: Time of No Time
Genre: Contemporary Jazz
Origin: Switzerland
Released: 2019
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
Atavistic Surrender (00:03:53)
La Voix Des Montagnes (00:01:10)
Caraibes (00:05:49)
Devil Blues (00:06:36)
Time of No Time (00:06:27)
Ajid (00:05:42)
Waiting (00:02:18)
That’s Hip (00:05:17)
Suenos (00:03:52)
Schindler’s List (00:03:15)
Esqualo (00:05:14)
Fall (00:01:51)
Rama Manohari (00:03:40)


Three Ticino musicians got together on a journey to discover the limits of jazz and the unknown space beyond. Ready to take risks, full of curiosity and with an unmistakable joy of experimenting. Their compositions and arrangements are all-round: Jazz, Blues & Soul in a melting pot with contemporary sounds as well as stylistic inflows of world music, tango, klezmer and folk. Their unique sounds created in a highly focused and concentrated manner come across apparently playful and joyful. They uncage the tunes from every convention and shape them into a new harmonious whole. The broadly based sounds, which reach from tradition to the continuous search of new forms of music, are reflected in the guest musicians as well: Bruno Amstad, inspired by ethnic vocals and modern electronic music, bridges the sounds and amazes with notes rarely heard before. Fulvio Sigurtà, one of Europe’s best and most exceptional contemporary jazz trumpet players.

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