Enrico Pieranunzi – Dream Dance (2009)

Enrico Pieranunzi - Dream Dance (2009)
Artist: Enrico Pieranunzi
Album: Dream Dance
Genre: Post-Bop, Piano Jazz
Origin: Italy
Released: 2009
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
End of diversions (4:07)
No-nonsense (5:36)
As never before (6:35)
Castle of solitude (5:22)
Peu de chose (5:35)
Nippono ya-oke (6:49)
Pseudoscope (4:35)
Dream Dance (5:48)
Five plus five (5:02)


Pianist Enrico Pieranunzi doesn’t lead a working trio with bassist Marc Johnson and drummer Joey Baron (though they did tour Japan and recorded a live double CD there in 2004), but the two Americans enjoy the opportunity to record with the Italian leader whenever they visit Europe. Pieranunzi’s diverse originals prove to be fertile ground for the trio. Johnson learned early on to be more than strictly a supporting player during his tenure with Bill Evans’ trio, while Baron is equally accomplished in expanding his role. This is best heard in the insistent “No-Nonsense,” a dramatic piece that is full of fire. The lighthearted “Peu de Chose” shows the influence of Bill Evans upon the leader, with Johnson’s invigorating lines and Baron’s whispering brushes adding to its buoyant air. Pieranunzi’s snappy “Pseudoscope” is a delightful post-bop vehicle that sizzles, while the waltz-like bop work “Dream Dance” is lyrical with a wry touch. It is a safe bet that the three musicians enjoyed this meeting and look forward to their next reunion, wherever in the world it may take place.
Review by Ken Dryden