Ellis Williams – Call To Battle (2016)

Ellis Williams - Call To Battle (2016)
Artist: Ellis Williams
Album: Call To Battle
Genre: Contemporary Jazz/Funk
Origin: USA
Released: 2016
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps

01. This Is The Call 01:30
02. Braving Darkness 06:49
03. My Closest Friend 04:33
04. Fixed On The Groove 04:54
05. What’s Love 03:51
06. Where Do We Go From Here? 05:34
07. Mystic Safari 08:04
08. Call To Battle 04:58
09. Excalibur 03:49
10. Looking Towards Tomorrow 04:47
11. Unchained 04:21


Call To Battle is the follow up to Ellis’ debut album Euphoria and is brought to audience through the creative styling of record producer Andrew “Hawksilver” Piland. Available through online distribution sites such as iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify.

Listeners were so intrigued by Ellis’ Euphoria that he had to come back for another joy ride! Call To Battle is the opportunity for fans to reach the studio musician on a much more personal and intimate level. The songwriter expresses his deepest and darkest emotions throughout this album while still achieving his signature sound that is raw and exciting!

Ellis takes his vocal abilities to the next level with tracks such as “My Closest Friend” and “Where Do We Go From Here?” and dazzles on “Braving Darkness” with his trumpet skills. “Mystic Safari” is a one-of-a-kind jazz overture that will take your soul on an incredible journey with the use of word painting. The title track, “Call To Battle” is a powerful message that calls the listener to action while addressing today’s issues. This project is set to rock the independent music scene!

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