Elis Regina – Dá Sorte And Other Hits (2019)

Elis Regina - Dá Sorte And Other Hits (2019)
Artist: Elis Regina
Album: Dá Sorte And Other Hits
Genre: Bossa Nova, Vocal Jazz
Origin: Brazil
Released: 2019
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
Confissão (Remastered)
Podes Voltar (Remastered)
Saudade É Recordar (Remastered)
Dá Sorte (Remastered)
Murmúrio (Remastered)
Vou Comprar um Coração (Remastered)
Dá-Me um Beijo (Remastered)
Dor de Cotovelo (Remastered)
Garoto Último Tipo (Puppy Love) (Remastered)
Canção de Enganar Despedida (Remastered)
As Coisas Que Eu Gosto (My Favorite Things) (Remastered)
Mesmo de Mentira (Remastered)
Tu Serás (Remastered)
Baby Face (Remastered)
Meu Pequeno Mundo de Ilusão (Remastered)
Poema (Remastered)
Amor, Amor (Love, Love) (Remastered)
Poropó Pó Pó (Remastered)
Nos Teus Lábios (Remastered)
As Secretárias (Remastered)


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