Eddie Reddick – Firing Up The Bass (2016)

Eddie Reddick - Firing Up The Bass (2016)
Artist: Eddie Reddick
Album: Firing Up The Bass
Genre: Smooth Jazz
Origin: USA
Released: 2016
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps

Firing Up The Bass 04:09
Spice-E-Salsa 04:22
Going Through Changes 03:52
Jungle Boogie 05:04
A-O-E-O (The Feel Good Song) 03:44
West Coast Cruzin’ 05:11
Synchronicity 04:44
Wish It Would Rain 03:42
Inside The Vortex 04:40
Funk-E-Blues Shoes 04:25


Firing Up The Bass is a cool collection of songs ranging from up tempo dance grooves to mid tempo Latin grooves rounded out by a smooth jazz melodic flow of Bass leads throughout the CD. There are also 2 cover tunes on the CD which includes a version of Kool And The Gang’s Jungle Boogie and a version of I Wish It Would Rain by The Temptations. This is a fun CD with Smooth, but underlining funk grooves giving it a dance flavor as well. Check it out and groove along with the Smooth Funky Flow.

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