Drew Davidsen – InnerSpace (2018)

Drew Davidsen - InnerSpace (2018)
Artist: Drew Davidsen
Album: InnerSpace
Genre: Smooth Jazz
Origin: USA
Released: 2018
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
Thrust (feat. Dave Krug)
Bumpin (feat. Dave Krug)
Laid Back
My Lullab


The collaborative artistic composite of guitarist Drew Davidsen & producer, multi-instrumentalist Cedric Givens. Totally conceived and performed by the two, the exquisite smooth acoustic guitar performances of Drew Davidsen and polished production arrangements of Cedric Givens has produced a gem called Innerspace.

The following is a quick walkthrough of the 7-track studio album. InnerSpace, the title track sets an exploration into a cool drive or that special place to connect metaphysically with the power of the moment. Thrust is a multifaceted compelling groove accentuating a light horn line, developing into a melancholy harmonic melody of smooth rhythms highlighting the artistry which makes Drew Davidsen a virtuoso among the ranks. Bumpin, is a majestic stretch of improvisation with Django style riffs overlaying a Herbie Hancock Headhunters transition to crossover with a Billy Cobham groove, an off-script favorite indeed.

Overdrive, is the edgy/driving 2nd movement or part two of InnerSpace, the collective. Uptime is a light up-tempo thematic world music instrumental featuring Drew on acoustic guitar (a feel-good song). Laid Back and My Lullaby are what some would call a “Sunday Kind of Love” tunes. Both offerings are a poetic adagio of heartfelt Spanish melodies which complement the closure of a perfectly mastered collection of smooth jazz compositions. There is a superb balanced flow to this recording. Just put it on and take a ride.

About the music and creative process during an informal interview, Cedric and Drew discussed the process of writing the songs which they started in January of 2018. They wanted a “collection” of songs that worked together instead of one-off singles. This production has an “old school” feel meaning you can let it play from start to finish uninterrupted without losing the listener. “The focus was on writing great songs with musical sensibilities”. A lot of forethought and details go into the structure of composition, key changes, right down to tambourine jingle textures in relation to the piece.

Cedric stated, “I wanted songs that could stand on their own but work well together”. Both artists possess an eclectic synergy to blend an acoustic guitar sound around numerous influences and styles. This is a rare quality. That narrative ranges from the versatility of traditional and contemporary jazz to edgy rock. The most significant characteristic among these artists is that they have genuine humility for their abilities and the upmost respect for each other. Their goal is to keep the creative process open and fun and hopefully establish a legacy of composing great music. After listening to the record I’d say they’re off to a great start! (Liner Notes by Leon Walters, Jr.)