Doug Johns – BLOMP! (2012)

Doug Johns - BLOMP! (2012)
Artist: Doug Johns
Album: BLOMP!
Genre: Fusion, Funk
Origin: USA
Released: 2012
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps

Speak In Tongues (4:12)
Eye Of The Bison (4:39)
Ya Gotta Get Up Early (4:56)
Earth And Sky (5:10)
Godzilla (3:43)
Kolob Flies (5:42)
Isodope (4:21)
For Andy (3:30)
Blomp (3:06)
Cartoon Brain (4:38)


SuperFunky musician, Doug Johns, is known for his raw presence, energy, and all-around crowd-wowing prowess. Doug has had the privilege of working with such icons as Victor Wooten, Buddy Miles, Chuck Rainey, The LA Mass Choir, Aaron Lindsey, and many others.

The culmination of his musical experiences led Doug to his first critically acclaimed solo CD, Doug Johns, released in 2006. Doug followed up his very well-received solo debut with his 2008 release, Pocket Fulla Nasty, and received an outstanding reaction from the bass community, as well as catching the ear of the general public very quickly. Doug’s third release, Stank (October 2010), brought ten stank-funk tunes with returning artists Oz Noy, Kenny Anderson, Otmaro Ruiz and Chris Ceja. With fat slammin’ horns, intimate, artful composition and beautiful solo bass.

Armed with a fresh approach and Doug Johns’ unique brand of greasy bass, BLOMP! hits you with 10 superfunky tracks. When you turn to the band and say, “Hit me,” the sound you hear in return had better be BLOMP! Introducing drummer, JSimms, BLOMP! hits the shelves in November, 2012.

Bass Player Magazine on Johns: “One of the most credit–deserving bass virtuosos in America…it’s his inventiveness that’s consistently compelling.”

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