Double Bass Double Voice – Double Bass Double Voice (2017)

Double Bass Double Voice - Double Bass Double Voice (2017)
Artist: Double Bass Double Voice
Album: Double Bass Double Voice
Genre: Vocal Jazz, Folk-Jazz
Origin: USA
Released: 2017
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
Ribbon in the Sky
Going up Yonder
Bring It on Home to Me
Just Squeeze Me
Dear Prudence
Woke up This Morning / This Little Light of Mine
Black Eyed Dog
Exactly Like You
Traveling Shoes


Vocalists Nancy Harms and Emily Braden are exploring a new sound.

Two contrasting voices that work wonderfully well together lock in with an electrically-charged blend of confidence, teamwork, and pure musicianship. Add to this, the brilliantly sympathetic bassman Steve Whipple, whose driving yet subtle accompaniment brings just the right blend of rhythm and color needed to cast their exciting spell. The trio collaborates on arrangements of standards, folk songs and even an occasional pop tune – creating a fine-tuned set for a truly uncommon ensemble.