Donna Burke & Ganime Jazz – Game + Anime = (2018)

Donna Burke & Ganime Jazz - Game + Anime = (2018)
Artist: Donna Burke & Ganime Jazz
Album: Game + Anime =
Genre: Vocal Jazz
Origin: Australia, Japan
Released: 2018
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
Calling To The Night (3:43)
Way In The Dark (4:30)
Sins Of The Father Quiet’s Theme (Intro) (7:02)
Glassy Sky (4:46)
Snake Eater (5:48)
No One Can Save Me (Angela’s Song) (4:45)
Firefly (5:33)
God And Man (6:12)
Moonless Starry Night (5:09)
A Quiet Night (3:20)
Morning Sky (5:02)
To Suffer Is To Love (Claudia’s Song) (5:03)


Tokyo 2016 saw the birth of singer and voice actress Donna Burke’s jazz band Ganime Jazz.

Donna loves performing her well-known songs, like “Heavens Divide” and “Sins of the Father” from the Metal Gear Solid game series, and “Glassy Sky” from anime Tokyo Ghoul, backed by an orchestra on a big stage. She has also longed, however, for a more free and intimate format, where the songs could be heard in a fresh, original way by game and anime fans, and jazz fans too.

This unique pairing of Australian and Japanese musicians results in a powerful show with comic relief provided by Donna between each song enjoyed by a diverse audience.

Discover a whole genre of compelling contemporary music through this unique Jazz quartet.

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