Dexter Walker & Zion Movement – Hope (2018)

Dexter Walker & Zion Movement - Hope (2018)
Artist: Dexter Walker & Zion Movement
Album: Hope
Genre: Soul, Gospel
Origin: USA
Released: 2018
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
The Lord’s Prayer [00:03:41]
All Power (feat. Jazmine Jones) [00:05:11]
If Any Man Be In Christ [00:02:10]
God Will Make A Way (feat. Joshua Jones) [00:06:59]
Be OK (feat. LaFayette E. Young Jr.) [00:07:14]
I’m In Christ [00:04:46]
Lord I Need You (feat. Latina Cunningham) [00:13:46]
I’m Saved [00:05:40]
My Hope Is In You (feat. Charlz Kay) [00:07:39]
Joy [00:04:51]
God’s Got Me (feat. Min. Tim White) [00:06:23]
For The Rest Of My Life (feat. Venus Young) [00:04:40]
Lord You Brought Me (feat. B. Slade) [00:04:11]
Supernatural God [00:08:33]
Supernatural God (Bionic Choir Remix) (feat. B. Slade) [00:04:53]