Dexter Moore – Keys To Life (2017)

Dexter Moore - Keys To Life (2017)
Artist: Dexter Moore
Album: Keys To Life
Genre: Smooth Jazz
Origin: USA
Released: 2017
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
Resolution 03:54
The Pace 05:05
Early Morning Rise 05:26
Organize 04:31
Stepping Out 05:03
Soar 05:02
Jazz In Philly 05:02
Everything Will Be Alright 04:17
You’re My Strength 05:35
Keep It Moving 04:55


A South Philadelphia native, you could say music is in Dexter’s genes. Like many talented musicians, Dexter’s initial exposure began in the church. A product of both ministers and musicians, his dad (a deacon) is a keyboardist/organist, his two brothers are drummers, and his sister sings actively in church. His late mother (an evangelist) also played both the piano and the drums in church.

Dexter has been fortunate to have toured in Europe as well as throughout the USA and has been privileged to play behind some real industry heavy-hitters in both Gospel and secular music. Dexter has been credited as a keyboardist or co-producer on albums released by the Gabriel Hardeman Delegation, Miles Jaye, Bryant Pugh, Edwin Hawkins, Sherri Monique Purcell, Mikki Kornegay, Phil Hurtt, Gabrielle Hurtt-Smart, Ava Williams, J. Teddy Johnson, C.A.U.S.E. (Christian Athletes United for Spiritual Empowerment), Tamika Patton, David P. Stevens, just to name a few. Dexter was honored to get a call from uber-producers Dre and Vidal to play acoustic piano on a track they produced for the Shark Tale movie soundtrack.

Dexter, with the encouragement of family and friends, decided to release his own album when the timing was right…and the timing couldn’t have been any better than today. With song ideas created on his DAW over the years, Dexter chose the best ideas to begin constructing full-fledged tunes. Additional writing came by way of his wife and legal coach Toni Moore, Esquire (Everything Will Be Alright), and his business partner and friend Michael Upshaw (The Pace and Early Morning Rise.) Dexter then brought in musicians to give the album that live and organic feel. The only thing missing was an album title, which was initially called “Keys of Life” from the suggestion of Toni. After thinking about it, Dexter did use it but made a small change and entitled it “Keys To Life.”

If you love jazz and you love good music played by real musicians, this is the album for YOU…get your copy today!