Dave Mascall – Acid Lounge, Vol. 3 (2015)

Dave Mascall - Acid Lounge, Vol. 3 (2015)
Artist: Dave Mascall
Album: Acid Lounge, Vol. 3
Genre: Smooth Jazz
Origin: UK
Released: 2015
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
Come On Down (Feat. Mike King… Keyboard Solo) [00:07:02]
Hold On (Feat. Roxanne Bourne & Ian Thompson…Alto Sax) [00:06:25]
Gotto Keep On Movin’ (Feat. Jessica Noah & Mike King…Piano Solo) [00:04:52]
Reflections [00:04:40]
Feel The Same (Feat. Lydia Kitto) [00:05:05]
A New Beginning (Feat. Mike King…Keyboard Solo) [00:05:22]
What You Say (2015 Remix) [Feat. Julia Quinn] [00:05:36]
Reading My Mind (Feat. Lydia Kitto & Gary Plumley…Tenor Sax) [00:05:06]
Just Too Beautiful (Feat. Graham Hunter…Trumpet) [00:04:14]
Find Our Way (Feat. Roxanne Bourne & Ian Thompson…Alto Sax) [00:06:16]
Any Day Samba (Feat. Gary Plumley…Soprano Sax) [00:04:41]
Break These Chains (2015 Remix) [Feat. Charlu] [00:04:56]
Voyage Of Discovery (Feat. Graham Hunter…Trumpet And Flugel Horn) [00:06:44]


The ACID LOUNGE series of recordings is where Dave has been combining his jazz flavoured guitar style with his love of upbeat and laidback dance orientated grooves. Here on ACID LOUNGE vol 3, Dave has again retained that vision and has also been fortunate to be able to showcase the vocal talents of some emerging artists together with the superb musicianship of some seasoned professionals at the top of their game. While some tracks are squarely aimed at the dance floor, they feature some highly engaging and melodic solos to keep the interest of the ears as well as the feet. Other tracks are more contemplative in mood, where you can close your eyes and be transported to a place of aural relaxation. Dave is pleased to welcome the fine vocal contributions of ROXANNE BOURNE (tracks 2 & 10), JESSICA NOAH (track 3), and LYDIA KITTO (tracks 5 & 8). Together with remixes from ACID LOUNGE vol 2 artists JULIA QUINN (track7) and CHARLU (track 12). Dave is also honoured to be able to feature some long time friends and fabulous instrumentalists on this CD. Keyboardist MIKE KING is featured on several tracks (1,3 & 6).Top sax man GARY PLUMLEY plays both tenor and soprano (track 8 & 11). GRAHAM HUNTER plays trumpet and flugel horn (track 9 & 12) and Dave is pleased to feature IAN THOMPSON on alto sax (track 2 & 10).