Daniel Weltlinger – Koblenz: A Tribute to the Family Reinhardt (2014)

Daniel Weltlinger - Koblenz: A Tribute to the Family Reinhardt (2014)
Artist: Daniel Weltlinger
Album: Koblenz: A Tribute to the Family Reinhardt
Genre: Gypsy, Swing
Origin: Australia
Released: 2014
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps

01. Nomad – 3:21
02. (I Awake In) Liberchies – 3:53
03. Musiques Metisse (Saintes Maries de la Mer) – 4:09
04. Bal Musette – 3:15
05. Louis – 4:27
06. Stephane – 3:35
07. Dark Clouds – 4:45
08. The Maestro – 4:43
09. Neglect – 3:45
10. Bale Boldo – 3:37
11. Koblenz – 3:38


Australian born/Berlin based Daniel Weltlinger has collaborated with musicians from all over the world and is regarded by many as one of the world’s great violinists and composers. He is very deeply inspired by the music of Manouche composer, Django Reinhardt and in 2011 released a beautiful centenary tribute CD of Reinhardt’s music, ‘Souvenirs’. Since 2004 he has regularly been travelling to Europe, strengthening his ties with a large branch of the Reinhardt family based in Koblenz, Germany who he has been close to since he first annually started visiting Europe. Daniel regularly performs in ensembles with Koblenz based guitarist Lulo Reinhardt and Berlin based Yiddish singer Karsten Troyke amongst many other renowned European musicians. Daniel’s new CD ‘Koblenz’ is a collection of his own original compositions and is the second CD in a trilogy proudly sponsored by BNP Paribas in Australia. This new album of original compositions has a multilayered storyline that commemorates the life and times of Django Reinhardt with strong references to the Reinhardt family as well as the story of Sinti and Roma in Europe, Daniel’s multi-national European family heritage and the Yiddish language and culture which originates from the historically significant Rhineland region in Germany where Koblenz is located.