Dag – Righteous (1994)

Dag - Righteous (1994)
Artist: Dag
Album: Righteous
Genre: Funk / Soul
Origin: USA
Released: 1994
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps

Intro (00:24)
Sweet Little Lass (04:40)
Righteous (City Pain) (03:37)
Your Mama’s Eyes (04:02)
Home (03:22)
Lovely Jane (04:46)
You Can Lick It (If You Try) (05:32)
Even So (04:16)
Plow (04:12)
Candy (03:38)
Sat. Morning (01:04)
As (03:55)
Do Me Good (04:17)
Untitled [instrumental] (00:30)


Although the notion of white guys playing funk is enough to make a person justifiably skeptical, make no mistake about Dag — they are the real deal. On Righteous, the band lays down some of the dirtiest, deadliest grooves this side of George Clinton, and do so with great restraint and respect for the genre. The tunes are peppered with vintage synths, horns, and imaginative lead guitar, not to mention catchy hooks, while vocalist Bobby Patterson possesses a falsetto that could make Prince envious (as heard on the gorgeous title track). Dag’s strength is their commitment to funk; unlike bands who use funk as a gimmick or try to fuse it with other styles, these guys play it pure. Highly recommended.
Review by Andy Hinds

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