Con Brio – Explorer (2018)

Con Brio - Explorer (2018)
Artist: Con Brio
Album: Explorer
Genre: Neo-Soul, Funk
Origin: USA
Released: 2018
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
Saddle Up (00:04:24)
Too Lit 2 Quit (00:03:48)
I Wanna (00:03:40)
Texas Summers (00:03:03)
Body Language (00:05:28)
Heart Shaped Box (00:04:04)
Royal Rage (00:03:56)
Illuminate (00:03:56)
United State of Mind (00:04:35)
High Spirits (00:03:54)
Feels Good (00:03:21)


Con Brio, whose name translates to “with spirit,” is a group of guys determined to make their energy-filled soul/rock & roll tunes the music that people can turn to in their darkest times. Lead singer Ziek McCarter takes his personal experiences to the next level by sharing them with the world through his honest lyricism. The band released their EP, Kiss the Sun, in 2015 and their first full-length album, Paradise, in 2016. The anticipated release of their sophomore album, Explorer, comes just a few months after the release of a cover of Nirvana’s “Heart-Shaped Box” that blew listeners into another galaxy.

Explorer is equipped with 11 tracks of stellar tranquility that’s edgy enough to get you on your feet and moving around. If “Too Lit 2 Quit” sounded familiar, it’s because it is. The track is based on and inspired by MC Hammer, creator of the song “Too Legit To Quit.” This dance anthem is just the right remedy to bring you back to the ’80s, but not all the way back. “I Wanna” is a dedicated track to love and life. With lyrics like, “ Toast to the moment we locked eyes / Since then I’ve been so hypnotized by you / I can’t lie / Like the moon you’re pulling my tides / You can ride my wave into the sunrise, baby,” it’s hard not to leave it all on the dance floor. “United State of Mind” is a track based around the idea of needing a vacation during these crazy times in our current day and age. The band mixes their classic R&B rhythm with bass, guitar and soulful lyrics to help bring tracks like “Feels Good” to life.

The San Francisco-based band took inspiration from artists like Anderson .Paak and his most recent album, Venice, and Frank Ocean with his most recent album, Blonde, to really get all of the fine details of Explorer just right. Con Brio is a group of gentlemen who go above and beyond to create music that takes you away to another world and gives you the opportunity to leave our world if only for a few minutes. Explorer‘s pop, rock & roll, soul, R&B and rhythm fusion beautifully produces waves of serenity into the listener’s ears.
by Ally Tatosian