Club des Belugas – Nine (2016)

Club des Belugas - Nine (2016)
Artist: Club des Belugas
Album: Nine
Genre: Nu-Jazz, Downtempo, Soul, Electro Swing
Origin: Germany
Released: 2016
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps

CD 1:
It’s Only Music (Feat. Ashley Slater) (03:45)
Pogo Porn (Feat. Karlos Boes) (04:05)
Ai Mi Morena (Mo’Horizons – Club Des Belugas Remix) (04:40)
Quite Dawn (The Cosmic Surf – Club des Belugas Remix) (05:45)
What the Butler Heard (03:29)
I Just Want to Make Love to You (Feat. Brenda Boykin) (03:15)
Les boulevards de Paris (Antoine Villoutreix – Club des Belugas Remix) (03:47)
Full Crazy (Feat. Brenda Boykin) (04:10)
Mirando al Mar (Bahama Soul – Club Des Belugas Remix) (04:32)
Manteca (WDR Big Band & Arturo Sandoval – Club des Belugas Remix) (03:40)
Some Like It Hot (Jojo Effect & Gardener of Delight Remix) [Feat. Brenda Boykin] (05:29)
The Beat Goes On (Jojo Effect – Club des Belugas Remix) (04:15)
Wheelspin (Club des Belugas Remix) (04:33)
Hip Hip Chin Chin (Schizoid Sista Remix) (04:46)
Animal Parade (02:56)

CD 2:
Hard Swing Travellin’ Man (Club des Belugas Remix) (06:50)
Serious Woman (Feat. Brenda Boykin) (04:39)
Not With Me (Jojo Effect – Club des Belugas Remix) (04:06)
Save a Little Love for Me (Zouzoulectric & Gardener Of Delight Remix) [Feat. Ester Rada] (03:40)
Better Run (Feat. Dean Bowman) (06:40)
Mambo Tonight (Iain Mackenzie – Club des Belugas Remix) (04:02)
Iko Iko (Papa Cobana Remix) (Feat. Brenda Boykin) (04:45)
But Rich Rhythms (Bahama Soul Club – Club des Belugas Remix) (05:03)
Quicker With the Trigger (Feat. Anna Luca) (03:37)
You and I (Audiogold – Club des Belugas Extended Remix) (04:31)
Round Around (Zouzoulectric – Club des Belugas Remix) (03:39)
Under the Neon Light (Feat. Veronika Harcsa) (05:04)
Moon Lagoon (04:10)
Mojo’s Walk (02:03)
Bye Bye Baby I Won’t Come Back (Feat. Anna Luca) (03:48)