Clay Robinson – Music For The World (2000)

Clay Robinson - Music For The World (2000)
Artist: Clay Robinson
Album: Music For The World
Genre: Smooth Jazz
Origin: USA
Released: 2000
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
Journey To Oz (5:02)
Its About Time (4:34)
Touching You (4:43)
Cyber Affair (3:53)
Love Scene (4:23)
Rudy’s Groove (4:09)
Laurenkosi (4:39)
World Symphonic Dance / Music For The World (4:19)


Clay hails from DETROIT, MICHIGAN, home of legendary MOTOWN RECORDS. He began studying piano and brass instruments at a very young age. By the time he grew up and left Detroit, as a back up musician, he had shared stages with the likes of GLADYS KNIGHT, SMOKEY ROBINSON,BOBBY WOMACK, PEACHES AND HERB,AL GREEN, ARETHA FRANKLIN, WILSON PICKETT, and the DELPHONICS, to name only a few internationally known acts that he has worked with. After relocating to the washington DC area, he soon gained a reputation as a musical arranger.

He wrote and arranged several RADIO AND TV JINGLES and was a regular on the RECORDING STUDIO SCENE in the DC. This gave him the valuble studio experience he had hoped to get in DETROIT. All the while, he worked the excitng PIANO BARS of DC, mastering the old art of taking requests at the piano, and also the art of playing for “FINE DINNING.” He began playing his original songs for his audiences, and his original music was well received. Recording his oringinal music was a dream sparked by his MOTOWN upbringing. So it began. SONGS. He’s written many.

However, many musicians will tell you that thier main priority is to work steady, but when you are gigging steady, it does not give you adequate time to create music. So, Clay actually created and tested his songs on his audiences while on the job.Clay has never had a problem working steady and once he learned to create new music while working, all of this new music came pouring out. He just recently finished and engagement at the prestigous “EFFIEL TOWER RESTAURANT” located atop of the “PARIS HOTEL AND CASINO,” in LAS, NAVADA. He can now be found around the Florida area, where his talents as a compliment to fine dinning are in demand.

There he met ALLON SAMS, A popular musician who is the keyboard player with PETER WHITE, internationally known SMOOTH JAZZ artist, voted “guitarist of the year.” Clay and Allon had a meeting of the minds, when they met and began recording Clays NEW concept of SMOOTH JAZZ. Allon, also a top flight engineer, and a musician who plays the same intruments as does Clay, was just who Clay needed to help interpet the new music that he had conceived. Clay had nocticed that most of the popular SMOOTH JAZZ artist were using the same CHORD PROGRESSIONS in ther music. The typical MINOR KEY, 1,2,5 CHORD CHANGES.

Most music students learn early that MINOR KEYS have a sad sound and that MAJOR KEYS have a happy sound. Yes, minor keys are cool, but since music affects our emotions, who would want to listen to three or four or more songs in MINOR KEYS. So, in this new music, Clay came up with a COOL MINOR KEYsound, with MAJOR KEY PASSAGES, to brighten up the music and also the emotions. Clay’s new CD,” MUSIC FOR THE WORLD” is a fine work of art. Although it fits comfortably into a SMOOTH JAZZ format, it is meant to soothe music lovers of varying tastes. This CD encompasses the rythmical and funky expressions of R&B, the slick melodical approach of STRAIGHT AHEAD JAZZ, the sophistication of CLASSICAL MUSIC, performed over a bed of FUNKY DRUMS with inserted LATIN RYTHMS. Yet it does not exclude something for ROCKERS and BLUES LOVERS. After all, what else would you expect from a CD entitled ” MUSIC FOR THE WORLD ” and Whoelse in the world could have did it but CLAY ROBINSON and his CLAZZYJAZZ BAND. Come get it.