Chris Mitchell – I Found Forever (2016)

Chris Mitchell - I Found Forever (2016)
Artist: Chris Mitchell
Album: I Found Forever
Genre: Smooth Jazz
Origin: USA
Released: 2016
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps

01. Good Morning 05:24
02. Ichi Bossa 08:11
03. Tequila Nights 07:02
04. More Than This 05:12
05. I Found Forever 06:12
06. Serenity 03:22
07. Evening Occasion 03:47
08. After We Leave 05:36
09. Believe In Me 05:53
10. Rouse 03:38
11. Pay It Forward 04:22


I Found Forever has all the sex appeal of new-age bossa nova without the “I could get stabbed in a Rio de Janeiro alley” edge. What do I mean by that? In short, it’s a masterful take on the genre, but with the more smooth and refined sound you expect from Chris Mitchell. Listen to some of the famous Stan Getz, Paul Desmond, or Cannonball Adderley recordings that inspired this album and you’ll hear it. Where the others (especially Getz) have a breathier, almost rougher sound, Chris Michell has a very distinctive and smooth tone. I love that it wasn’t sacrificed for the sake of sounding like every other bossa nova recording.