Chris Geith – Well Tempered Love (2016)

Chris Geith - Well Tempered Love (2016)
Artist: Chris Geith
Album: Well Tempered Love
Genre: Smooth Jazz
Origin: USA
Released: 2016
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps

Well Tempered Love
Cool to the Touch
It’s Only Human
Vision of Truth
Sunshine Kisses
Angel of Wisdom
Remember When
Tropical Summer Breeze
Meet the Moon
Space Walk
The More You Know


If you’re looking for cool, swaying, sauntering, and soul-fulfilling smooth jazz melodies laid out on piano by really able fingers, chris-geith-cdpianist/keyboardist/composer Chris Geith as just what you need as demonstrated on his new well-rounded release Well Tempered Love. It’s an album that completely provides you with all you’ll need to take that satisfying journey into the soothing and enveloping mist of full-bodied c-jazz. With the light and well-defined touch of one who knows this mood all too well, Geith guides you through an aural experience that uplifts, caresses, and rivets you with artfully fine work here. The appeal of the album is immediate as he launches into the title and lead track, a self-proclaimed upbeat statement of confidence and wholesomeness.

Geith invites young sax sensation Vincent Ingala to join him on the title track and the soulfully sweet “Cool to the Touch” – two of my personal favorites here. His presence is reassuring and very much complements Geith’s piano.

Having displayed his talents alongside the likes of Peter White and Warren Hill and on his own two previous recordings — Island of a Thousand Dreams and Timeless World – Geith is clearly no stranger to the vibe and groove of c-jazz and so proves it here on this wonderfully-produced project. It becomes more than evident upon first listen that distinct clarity, mood, rhythm, and a steady, in-synch groove were important to all come together almost effortlessly in harmony for Geith to give him that final satisfaction of releasing this album to the world.

Tracks of note, in addition to those already mentioned, would be the snappy and funk-sprinkled “Vision of Truth,” the cool and soulful “Sunshine Kisses,” the cleverly-composed “Angel of Wisdom” with its hint of Latin influence that turns quickly to driving and funky smooth jazz then to a softer side of c-jazz before beginning the cycle again, the clearly Latin/Brazilian groove of “Tropical Summer Breeze,” and the poppin’ high-step-and-stroll kinda Al Jarreau feel (without lyrics, however) of “Space Walk.” Overall, there’s much here to experience.

Come to this “place” prepared to stay awhile and give your ears and soul a treat. – Ronald Jackson

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