Catherine Sikora & Brian Chase – untitled: after (2018)

Catherine Sikora & Brian Chase - untitled: after (2018)
Artist: Catherine Sikora & Brian Chase
Album: untitled: after
Genre: Free Improvisation, Avant-Garde Jazz
Released: 2018
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
dear as he was
so. the
brightly forged
ice clad


“untitled: after” was recently released by “Chaikin Records”. The album was recorded by a duo – Catherine Sikora (tenor, soprano saxophones) and Brian Chase (drumset). Both musicians had been improvising together many times. Their music is totally based on avant-garde jazz, experimental and modern jazz synthesis and free improvisation. Music is especially bright, expressive, active and dynamic. It’s alsways filled with unusual timbres, strange noises and interesting musical decisions. There are many extended playing techniques, which are used together with experimental and specific ways of playing. That makes an engaging effort to remarkable and interesting sound. Musicians have original and unique playing style – they also don’t hesitate to make brave and provocative musical decisions, eclectic and strange instrumental combinations or inventive stylistic turns. Bright and original sound is created by using wide range of expressions, dynamics, playing techniques and other elements of musical language.

“untitled: after” has impressive sound and is filled with passionate and marvelous solos. Free improvisations are turbulent and bright – evocative, vibrant, extremely loud and bright solos are the most effective episodes of the compositions. The music is very dynamic and active – various special effects, interesting playing techniques or sound experiments are used here. Wide range of extended and experimental ways of playing, colorful and modern expressions, various scales, chords, moods and rhythms form solid musical pattern, firm rhythmic section and especially bright, modern and innovative musical language. Musicians are showing their creativity and the ability to make unpredictable decisions in-the-spot. The music is filled with sudden changes of moods and contrasting episodes, which are highly contrasting with each other. Both musicians are dedicated to find innovative and interesting timbres, new playing techniques and create an extraordinary sound. Catherine Sikora tenor and soprano saxophone improvisations are based on bright and expressive musical language. All kinds of different rhythms, ethnic intonations of various countries music, the traditions of American and Europe avant-garde and experimental jazz, colorful and especially huge variety of exxtended playing techniques, sound experiments and special effects – all these elements are the basics of improvising style of this musician. The improvisations always have free structure and open form – it’s filled with marvelous solos, especially expressive, moving and touching melodies, bright and sharp sound, vibrant, intense and turbulent culminations, extremely loud and frantic blow outs, shrieky and harsh noises. This huge variety of different characters, moods and colors are masterfully fused together with absolutely different episodes – abstract, silent and subtle pieces, which are based on lyric sound and relaxing mood. Separate tunes, strange noises, abstract musical pattern, free form, the intonations of experimental, minimalistic and sonoristic music are joined together with free improvisation and basic sof experimental jazz. Contrasting episodes are changed silmunateously – improviser creatively and inventively travels through different moods, switch together absolutely different episodes and moods. Brian Chase drumset is expressive and moving. Frantic and energetic drum roll, active and energetic mood, the main rhythmic forms of bebop, post bop, hard bop and other modern jazz styles are fused together with free improvisations, turbulent and spontaneous solos and fascinating sound experiments. Drummer colorfully twists together contrasting rhythmic forms of various music styles into one place – it finally makes remarkable and innovative sound and forms solid, indepenent and bright rhythmic section which is putted against melodic section. Whole album is based on inventive musical decisions, astonishing, remarkable and effective sound – both musicians are the masters of improvising. Their solos are vital, bright, expressive and moving – by going through different moods and characters duo finally creates independent, touching and passionate sound.