Carolyn Martin – Wild West Texas Wind (2018)

Carolyn Martin - Wild West Texas Wind (2018)
Artist: Carolyn Martin
Album: Wild West Texas Wind
Genre: Vocal Jazz, Swing
Origin: USA
Released: 2018
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
Across the Alley from the Alamo
Red River Valley
Yodeling in My Sleep
Wild West Texas Wind
Cry Me a River
Wayward Wind
Vaya Con Dios
The Day the Bass Players Took over the World
Cowboy’s Sweetheart
Spanish Is the Loving Tongue
South of the Border
You Can’t Take Texas out of the Girl
The Day the Bass Players Took over the World Western


The 16 songs on “Wild West Texas Wind” range from 1950’s torch songs (Julie London’s “Cry Me A River”, and Peggy Lee’s “Fever”), to Carolyn’s own compositions – “You Can’t Take Texas Out Of The Girl”, written with Mike Ross, and the title track “Wild West Texas Wind”, written with Nora Jane Struthers. “Wild West Texas Wind” has songs from Carolyn’s friends; Paul Kramer’s “Yodeling in my Sleep”, Peter Cooper’s “Wine” and Dave Pomeroy and Emily Kaitz’ wonderful song, “The Day the Bass Players Took Over The World”. Why two versions, you ask? Well, at the Cochise Cowboy Poetry and Music Gathering earlier this year, Carolyn was moved to add a shout-out to Washtub Jerry, the world’s greatest washtub bass player. She wanted to share that verse with the folks who couldn’t make it to Cochise.

Western music is at the heart of “Wild West Texas Wind. Carolyn has been singing western and cowboy songs at her live shows for years, and this collection includes many of her favorite songs, including Okie Paul Westmoreland’s “Detour” (recorded by Wesley Tuttle and Elton Britt), Gene Autry’s “South of the Border”, Patsy Montana’s “Cowboy’s Sweetheart”, and “The Wayward Wind”, a hit for both Tex Ritter and Gogi Grant. The album includes “Vaya Con Dios” – also recorded by Gene Autry – and Carolyn’s take on “Spanish Is The Loving Tongue”, written by cowboy poet Charles Badger Clark in 1907.

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