Carlos Bica, Daniel Erdmann, DJ Illvibe – I Am The Escaped One (2019)

Carlos Bica, Daniel Erdmann, DJ Illvibe - I Am The Escaped One (2019)
Artist: Carlos Bica, Daniel Erdmann, DJ Illvibe
Album: I Am The Escaped One
Genre: Modern Creative, Avant-Garde
Origin: Portugal / Germany
Released: 2019
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
Caruma (6:32)
Ich hab die Nacht geträumet (5:29)
A Luz da Sombra (4:47)
The Fuel of Life (4:13)
Les Frigos (7:13)
Do Indizível (6:17)
El Bachir (2:09)
Cinéma (2:46)
Le Jardin (3:12)
Cabaret Macabro (1:45)


Double bassist and composer Carlos Bica has carved out a jazz niche for himself with his inventive style of lyrical-indie-jazz. Among the several musical projects he leads, his trio AZUL has become his showcase as a bass player and composer. For more than twenty years Bica’s trio AZUL with Frank Möbus and Jim Black has fascinated its listeners. Living in Berlin, Portuguese Bica again and again creates a music that seems familiar yet excitingly new and personal at the same time.

With his new album “I Am the Escaped One” in association with two of the most idiosyncratic figures of the German scene, saxophonist Daniel Erdmann and turntablist DJ Illvibe, the music goes even beyond anything he did before.

Daniel Erdmann, a major voice in the European jazz scene, has developed an unique tenor sax sound in ensembles like Das Kapital or Velvet Revolution, built on top of the jazz tradition but committed to find new paths. DJ Illvibe is and remains a sound innovator, a gold digger for the craziest sound-shreds, Vincent von Schlippenbach is DJ Illvibe and the world is a record.

If you’re searching for something different and fulfilling you found it, “I Am the Escaped One” is the perfect soundtrack for the movie that still has to be made.