Candy Dulfer – Funked Up & Chilled Out (2009)

Candy Dulfer - Funked Up & Chilled Out (2009)
Artist: Candy Dulfer
Album: Funked Up & Chilled Out
Genre: Jazz-Funk, Smooth Jazz
Origin: Netherlands
Released: 2009
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps

CD 1 – Funked Up:
First in Line (4:03)
My Funk (4:57)
Step Up (3:10)
Don’t Go (3:16)
CD 101.9 (3:27)
Be Cool (3:16)
Cruise Control (4:23)
Finger Poppin’ (4:21)
True & Tender (3:51)
On & on (4:37)
Roppongi Panic (4:05)
N.J. Turnpike (4:18)

CD 2 – Chilled Out:
Bliss 2 This (4:19)
Still I Love You (4:11)
Anything You Need (4:26)
Smoovgroove (5:46)
Ambiente (3:42)
In Deep (3:52)
Tambores (3:24)
Super Natural (3:32)
Oda Al Vino (2:47)
Sunrise (4:14)


Is Candy Dulfer a jazz saxophonist with a feel for funk or a funk player with a jazz side to her musical personality? On FUNKED UP, she leans toward the latter. While there is some smooth melodious jazz here, most of this set is geared to paying tribute to old-school funk–Parliament, Funkadelic, James Brown, and the earliest efforts by Kool & the Gang and Rick James. There’s some rapping along with overtones of reggae rhymes and Latin rhythms, but for the most part FUNKED lives up to its title, with Dulfer’s heated sax shining throughout. This special edition of FUNKED UP! also includes a second disc of Candy Dulfer “chill-out” instrumentals.
Review by Mark Keresman

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