Caecilie Norby – Silent Ways (2013)

Caecilie Norby - Silent Ways (2013)
Artist: Caecilie Norby
Album: Silent Ways
Genre: Vocal Jazz
Origin: Denmark
Released: 2013
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
Stepping Stone
Winter Lady
In My Secret Life
Papa Was a Rolling Stone
Diamonds and Gold
Like a Rolling Stone
Hearts and Bones
Silent Ways
Have You Ever Seen the Rain
Black Hole Sun


This is a totally enjoyable CD, but it mostly doesn’t have that certain feel of ‘jazz’ (I’m open to contradiction from anyone else who hears it), except for some jazz influence on 3 of the tracks.

Danish Ms Norby sang in the classical music world until she was aged 14, when one day she heard Creedence Clearwater Revival at a school party, which changed her musical perspective. Nowadays, she prefers not to have much regard for musical genres.

For this CD, she picked out 11 of her favourite singer-songwriter melodies, plus a self-composed number, and, the insert says, played them with jazz and classical influences. The band improvises, the voice has a wide range, and is beautifully expressive, yet the overall effect comes across to me as heavy rock, and reminded me of the supergroups of the 1970’s such as Genesis or Yes. Perhaps it is the double tracking, lots of use of electronics, and an occasional ‘wall of sound’ effect, I don’t know.

Anyway, the songs are well chosen, including Leonard Cohen’s Winter Lady; and In My Secret Life; Tom Waits’ Diamonds And Gold; (good strong rhythmic percussion); Papa Was A Rolling Stone (jazzy piano and eastern type guitar) Dylan’s Like A Rolling Stone (a fascinating Caribbean arrangement); a wonderfully modulated voice on Silent Ways. Other tracks are Stepping Stone; Hurt; Hearts and Bones; Have You Ever Seen The Rain; Black Hole Sun; and the self composed Hymnen.
Review by Ann Alex