Brussels Jazz Orchestra – Two Places (2021)

Brussels Jazz Orchestra - Two Places (2021)
Artist: Brussels Jazz Orchestra
Album: Two Places
Genre: Contemporary Jazz, Hip-Hop
Origin: Belgium
Released: 2021
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
The Beginning
Travelling into Time, Pt. I (feat. DJ Grazzhoppa)
Traveling into Time, Pt. II (feat. DJ Grazzhoppa & Zediam)
African Streetdreams (feat. DJ Grazzhoppa, Monique Harcum & Zediam)
Oeil Céleste
Funky Haircut (feat. DJ Grazzhoppa)
Leap of Faith (feat. Monique Harcum)
Another Day Another Night (feat. DJ Grazzhoppa & Monique Harcum)
What If (feat. DJ Grazzhoppa & Zediam)
Get Down (feat. Monique Harcum & DJ Grazzhoppa)