Brian Culbertson – Colors Of Love (2018)

Brian Culbertson - Colors Of Love (2018)
Artist: Brian Culbertson
Album: Colors Of Love
Genre: Smooth Jazz
Origin: USA
Released: 2018
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
Colors Of Love (5:23)
I Want You (3:54)
Love Transcended (4:56)
Don’t Go (5:28)
You’re Magic (4:23)
Through The Years (3:41)
In A Dream (5:53)
Let’s Chill (5:49)
Desire (4:35)
Michelle’s Theme (4:03)
In Your Embrace (4:02)
The Look (6:36)
All My Heart (4:13)


As if keyboardist/pianist/producer/composer Brian Culbertson hasn’t already done enough to cement himself in the hearts, minds, and souls of more fans than I even care to estimate, the music wiz goes a step further with his latest release, which is dedicated to his wife Michelle with whom he’s just celebrated two decades of marriage. The album, released on Valentine’s Day, appropriately is entitled Colors of Love and features some of the sweetest soul-stirring acoustic melodies you could ever imagine. Mind you, while his piano lines are acoustic, he still offers his usual heavy and powerful trademark funk (albeit in a slower or more mid-tempo cadence), turning to synth bass, Fender Rhodes, Wurlitzer, Hammond B3 organ, drum programming, and more. So, you get the best of both BC worlds here.

Culbertson plays all instruments here except for guitar (he turns that duty over to a very competent Isaiah Sharkey) and, on one track (“In a Dream”), features the one and only English guitar icon Peter White on accordion.

The artist pours it on thick and leaves it all out there on the album –from the super-sweet and sexy lead and title track through the mesmerizing beauty of “Love Transcended” to the soulful and power-packed “You’re Magic” to the celestial, emotive, previously mentioned “In A Dream” (in places, truly a dreamy caress while, in others, a forceful, driving statement of emphatic love).

Culbertson is preparing to entrance the contemporary jazz world with a “Colors of Love” tour, surely to be headed your way at some point. Needless to say, you don’t want to miss this one – and bring your sweetheart. This will surely be for the both of you, I’m sure.

Calling, stroking, kissing, embracing, and whispering to you in levels meant only for your ears, BC takes you where you want to be – in a place called ecstasy. Don’t miss out on this possibly transformational journey, either in album or tour form. This is Culbertson at his most intensely romantic and all-encompassing best. – Ronald Jackson