Brendan Thorpe – … Just Like I Said (2016)

Brendan Thorpe - ... Just Like I Said (2016)
Artist: Brendan Thorpe
Album: … Just Like I Said
Genre: Jazz Fusion, Smooth Jazz
Origin: USA
Released: 2016
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps

Times of Cambren
Green Arrow
Let Us Remember
… Just Like I Said
Back Then
Making It Happen
Dream Chance
Lucky Day
Can’t You See


Brendan has played the saxophone and piano for over 36 years and has both played with and been featured in numerous bands and organizations over the years including rock bands, big bands, jazz combos, (yes even country bands), and most recently a brilliant solo act. Brendan is an avid entertainer, songwriter, and publisher. When he is not out mingling with or performing among his fans, you will find him in the studio, writing, recording and producing.

This album is his most recent work, described as “Jazz Fusion”. It is energetic, full of straight forward – foot-tapping rhythm, modern, and fun to jam along with. It spotlights the most sultry of all instruments, the SAX.