Bobby Previte & The Visitors – Gone (2016)

Bobby Previte & The Visitors - Gone (2016)
Artist: Bobby Previte & The Visitors
Album: Gone
Genre: Fusion / Contemporary Jazz / Free Jazz
Origin: Poland
Label: ForTune Records
Released: 2016
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps

The Saint (6:31)
Client 9 (7:20)
I-5 (6:44)
The Inexorable March Towards Brutality (8:25)
California 17 (7:35)
Figure / Ground (13:01)


There’s nothing here not to like on the live 2015 performance recorded at Warsaw’s 12on14 Jazz Club. A quartet led by drummer Bobby Previte sends out a jolt of electricity from note one and Gone just takes off from there. “The Saint” switches between shouts to the sky and whispers to the earth. “I-5” has a similar give and take, but effects it through modulations in speed. “Client 9” juxtaposes a ringing clarity and a fuzzy groove. A little surf twang, a Motown shakedown, and a rhythmic attack that could sub in for an Indy car propulsion system are the ingredients served up by this outstanding track.

“The Inexorable March Towards Brutality” is a song that sets its melody on fire then dances upon the ashes. It’s got presence and isn’t afraid to throw its weight around. “California 17” is its flip side. It’s got its own mean streak, but is more willing to use charm to get over. The album ends with “Figure/Ground.” It’s a sprawling tune in search of its identity. Eventually it decides upon a slurred rendition of the blues, which is as wise a choice as anything on this thrilling, fun recording.
By davesumner

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