Bob Enevoldsen – Smorgasbord (1956/2006)

Bob Enevoldsen - Smorgasbord (1956/2006)
Artist: Bob Enevoldsen
Album: Smorgasbord
Genre: Bop, Mainstream Jazz
Origin: USA
Released: 1956/2006
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
Iron Works (B. Enevoldsen)
Loaded With Bass (B. Enevoldsen)
Topsy (I. Berlin)
Blues & Rhythm (B. Enevoldsen)
Don’t Be That Way (B. Goodman / E. Sampson / M. Parish)
Ding Dong, The Witch Is Dead (H. Arlen / E. Y. Harburg)
Swingin’ On A Star (J. van Heusen / J. Burke)
Swinger’s Dream (M. Dougald)
My Ideal (R. Whiting / N. Chase / L. Robin)
How Low The Tune (B. Troup / B. Enevoldsen)
John’s Jumble (B. Enevoldsen)
You’re In Love (B. Troup)
Thinking Of You (H. Ruby / B. Kalmar)
No Time For Love (D. Davidson)
Mr. Know-It-All (B. Troup)
Oh! Look At Me Know (J. Bushkin / J. Devries)
Bob’s Boy (B. Gordon)


Bob Enevoldsen (1920-2005) was undoubtedly one of the most versatile performers in the Hollywood jazz scene. But his talent was so multi-faceted that besides the fact that he was a completely schooled instrumentalist, he also developed into an impressive and gifted arranger. Smorgasbord presents Bob Enevoldsen with an interesting line up composed of Marty Paich on accordion and piano, Larry Bunker on vibes, piano and drums, Red Mitchell on bass and piano, Howard Roberts on guitar, Don Heath on drums and Bob, of course, on valve trombone, tenor sax and bass. A variety of doubles among these players afforded an opportunity for orchestral changes in an attempt to set up a different feeling for each piece, said Enevoldsen. Each composition was carefully arranged and rehearsed and the group gets a unique sound with this instrumentation.