Blue Soul Ten – The Unspoken Warrior (2015)

Blue Soul Ten - The Unspoken Warrior (2015)
Artist: Blue Soul Ten
Album: The Unspoken Warrior
Genre: Smooth Jazz/Soul
Origin: USA
Released: 2015
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps

01. Unspoken Warrior 04:20
02. Drive 03:40
03. About You 03:38
04. Music Box 04:07
05. All I See 03:59
06. Imperfect 04:57
07. Between The Lines 05:38
08. Let It Go 05:23
09. Suite Rain 05:14
10. Blue Theme 03:06


Here’s an interesting find sent my way recently – one that’s not even greatly catalogued by Google yet but certainly worth a good hearty listen. The group is called Blue Soul Ten, and the release is titled The Unspoken Warrior, an album of interesting jazz, new age, Blue Soul Tenelectronica, and a brief touch of reggae, seasoned by the mellowness of subtle nuances. Soft, caressing, yet stirring enough to work the groove element in you.

Stocked plentifully with cool keys melodies and smart yet unimposing drums, bass, and some nifty flute action as a solid backdrop.

With no personal website yet (at least, not that I could find), the most information on the group (if this is a group) might be found on Facebook. It appears that the project may be entirely synth-produced since no credits are offered anywhere for other instruments. Still, the melodies are catchy, the groove is one nice enough to get you through an evening or even through a Saturday afternoon of chores if you’re seeking a great set of groove-laced background music to help you along.

Particular tracks of note for me include “All I See,” “Imperfect,” “Suite Rain,” and “Blue Theme” among others.

Maybe calling up images of light versions of Hardcastle or Soul Ballet (especially when factoring in the subtle backing vocals), the album is worthy of consideration and is no snoozer by any means. Give this one a listen. An album of tender, laid-back caresses and light, feel-good energy.

If this were personified, it might be compared to The Lone Ranger. With such impressive sounds and tyle, you might ask: “Just who is this masked mystery artist?” – Ronald Jackson

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