Billy Brooks – Windows Of The Mind (1974)

Billy Brooks - Windows Of The Mind (1974)
Artist: Billy Brooks
Album: Windows Of The Mind
Genre: Fusion / Jazz-Funk
Origin: USA
Released: 1974
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps

Rockin Julius (3:47)
Cooling It (4:46)
The Jagged Edge (3:41)
The Speech Maker (5:21)
Black Flag (3:42)
Good News Blues (2:53)
Shetter Cheeze (4:31)
C.P. Time (4:39)
Fourty Days (6:14)


Known previously for his tenure behind R&B legend Ray Charles, trumpeter Billy Brooks proved himself an uncommonly skilled practitioner of jazz-funk with his solo debut Windows of the Mind. “Forty Days” (later sampled to potent effect by A Tribe Called Quest) remains a textbook example of the form, combining Brooks’ sun-kissed lead performance with a jigsaw rhythm that’s as persuasive as they come. The entire LP is a fecund source for killer breaks and samples, but simply dismantling this music for spare parts is a disservice to artist and listener alike — Brooks is a gifted composer with a knack for melody as well as groove, and while Windows of the Mind delivers on the physical promise of funk, it meets the intellectual demands of jazz as well.
Review by Jason Ankeny

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