Bettye Swann – The Money Recordings (1964-1967) (2001)

Bettye Swann - The Money Recordings (1964-1967) (2001)
Artist: Bettye Swann
Album: The Money Recordings (1964-1967)
Genre: R’n’B/Soul
Origin: USA
Released: 2001
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps

Make Me Yours (3:15)
Fall In Love With Me (2:56)
Don’t Look Back (2:50)
Don’t Wait Too Long (2:39)
Don’t Take My Mind (2:33)
I Can’t Stop Loving You (3:54)
I Think I’m Falling In Love (2:51)
You Gave Me Love (2:42)
The Heartache Is Gone (2:26)
I Will Not Cry (3:06)
What Is My Life Coming To (2:46)
A Change Is Gonna Come (3:56)
I Think I’m Falling In Love [Fast Version] (Previously Unreleased) (2:04)
The Man Who Said No (2:23)
What Can It Be (2:30)
Our Love (2:57)
Lonely Love (2:16)
The Dance Is Over (Previously Unreleased) (2:05)
I Will Not Cry (Single Version) (2:50)
Don’t Take My Mind (Remix From Multi-Tapes) (2:36)
Make Me Yours (Remix From Multi-Tapes) (3:24)
Our Love (Previously Unreleased Alternative Vocal) (3:11)
You Gave Me Love (Previously Unreleased Alternative Vocal) (3:01)
Don’t Look Back (Previously Unreleased Acoustic Guitar Version) (3:13)


All of the material known to exist by Bettye Swann in the vaults of the Money label is found on this 24-track compilation. It has all of her 1965-1968 singles for the company, as well as a few songs released on her 1967 Make Me Yours LP, and nine previously unreleased tracks (two of which are just remixes, half a dozen of which are alternate versions). It’s satisfactory, but not thrilling, mid-level soul, shaded a little toward the mainstream Motowny pop-soul side of things, though not overbearingly so. Swann did write most of her material, yet there wasn’t much particularly striking (or inadequate) about her songs and vocals. Even non-intense soul listeners would have little trouble placing the material in the 1966-1967 time frame, so much is it like the standard soul fare of the era. Once in a while, particularly on the slightly earlier-sounding cuts, there are hints of a gutsier and more satisfyingly bluesier bent, as on “The Heartache Is Gone,” “What Can It Be,” and especially “I Will Not Cry.” “Lonely Love,” though a 1967 single, has the slight girl-group flavor more associated with some soul records from circa 1964, as does the previously unissued “The Dance Is Over.”
Review by Richie Unterberger

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