Bet.e & Stef – It’s All Right (2013)

Bet.e & Stef - It's All Right (2013)
Artist: Bet.e & Stef
Album: It’s All Right
Genre: Bossa Nova, Latin Jazz
Origin: Canada
Released: 2013
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
Day By Day 3:58
It’s Over 4:07
It’s All Right 3:34
I’m There 4:32
Zana (New Version) 3:56
Chega De Saudade 3:35
Corcovado 3:29
Regra Tres 4:25
All Is Well (New Version) 3:09
Sky Is Falling 3:53
Sweet Resurrection 3:27
Wish You Well (New Version) 4:59
Daylight Comes Too Soon 4:09
Unreal 4:52
All Is Well (Lost Fingers Remix) 3:14
Day By Day (Zeb’s Ragga-Dub Rub) 4:45
So Danco Samba (Erick Paredes Agape Remix) 2:51
It’s Over (Buscemi Remix) 3:58
Listen To The Night (Vic Lavender’s V.L.E. Remix) 7:29
Essa Moca Ta Diferente (Monster Taxi Remix) 3:53
It’s All Right (John Beltran’s Havana Re-Fresh Mix) 4:35
Zana (Nickodemus Remix) 3:56
Day By Day (Louie Vega’s EOL Album Mix) 4:47
O Tempo Vai (Richard Dorfmeister Vs Madrid Los Austrias Boogie Dub) 5:27
Triste (Nicola Conte’s Jazzdub Radio Rub) 3:50
I’m There (King Britt’s Sylk 130 Remix) 6:18
Sweet Resurrection (One Mind’s Eye Remix) 5:25
Wish You Well (Marlow & Truby Refix) 4:08
Daylight Comes Too Soon (Andy Caldwell’s Chillout Mix) 4:40
Vagabond (Leon Louder’s Melted Dubvox) 3:45
I’m There (Monster Taxi Remix) 3:50
Wish You Well (Dave Allison’s Kinjo Remix) 4:55


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