Best of Frank Gambale – Jazz and Rock Fusion (2006)

Best of Frank Gambale - Jazz and Rock Fusion (2006)
Artist: Frank Gambale
Album: Best of Frank Gambale – Jazz and Rock Fusion
Genre: Jazz Fusion, Jazz Rock
Origin: USA
Released: 2006
Quality: mp3, 192-320 kbps
Little Charmer
Thunder Current
Leave Ozone Alone
The Jaguar
6.8 Shaker
The Final Frontier
High 5
Frankly Speaking
My Little Viper
Complex Emotions


Part of a three-album retrospective, The Best of Frank Gambale: Jazz and Rock Fusion collects a nice cross-section of guitarist Gambale’s instrumental jazz and rock tracks over a 15-year period starting in the late ’80s. Gambale has always been a master technician on the fret-board, easily crossing between smooth jazz, instrumental pop, contemporary folk and metal-tinged rock. Here we find him delving into the harder-edged, rock and jazz fusion side of his playing with the confidence that comes from being a virtuoso. This is practically a primer for how to play heavy metal guitar with an ear toward incorporating more complex jazz harmonies and improvisational techniques. For fans of highly technical, superbly crafted instrumental music that mixes pop and jazz sounds, Jazz and Rock Fusion will have much to offer and is a solid introduction to Gambale’s work.
Review by Matt Collar