Bernie Worrell – Pieces of Woo: The Other Side (1993)

Bernie Worrell - Pieces of Woo - The Other Side (1993)
Artist: Bernie Worrell
Album: Pieces of Woo – The Other Side
Genre: Jazz-Funk, P-Funk
Origin: USA
Released: 1993
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps

Witness for the Defense (5:18)
Set the Tone/Victory (9:47)
The Mask (7:45)
Gladiator Skull (4:16)
Moon Over Brixton (5:54)
Judie’s Passion Purple (14:47)
Fields of Play (2:45)


The enigmatic Worrell continues to amaze. Like the first Dark album, Worrell’s THE OTHER SIDE is absolutely uncategorizable. That he was once affiliated with the likes of George Clinton and the whole P-Funk gang is a mere footnote in the career of this iconoclastic keyboardist. Modal strains of jazz, perverted avant-noise, and organ-drenched experimental atmospheres are only a minute fraction of the chaotic and paradoxical styles etched onto this disc. In short, there’s something for everyone here, but everyone should take heed–Worrell’s attitudes go way beyond the expected boundaries flanking jazz and funk. His free-form personalities take hold on THE OTHER SIDE and transform it into a jaw-dropping, delightful adventure of unexplored and unexpected sonic realms.