Bernie Worrell – Blacktronic Science (1993)

Bernie Worrell - Blacktronic Science (1993)
Artist: Bernie Worrell
Album: Blacktronic Science
Genre: Jazz-Funk, P-Funk
Origin: USA
Released: 1993
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps

Revelation in Black Light (2:22)
Flex (6:05)
Time Was (Events in the Elsewhere) (7:21)
Blood Secrets (6:50)
Dissinfordollars (6:28)
The Vision (8:05)
Won’t Go Away (5:58)
X-Factor (11:54)
Dissapearance (Life After Life) (0:53)


His status as a great team player (Parliament, Funkadelic, Talking Heads) is irrefutable, but as a solo artist, Worrell is strictly hit-or-miss. For all the moments that Blacktronic Science meshes and hits undeniable grooves, it’s undone by bad ideas and a tendency to be too eclectic. Worrell has surrounded himself with a superb band (Bootsy, Mudbone Cooper, Maceo Parker, Fred Wesley, Tony Williams), but what they need is to follow a leader with a vision like George Clinton (who makes an appearance here) or James Brown. Worrell tries hard, but comes up with pseudo-soundtrack sludge like “Revelation In Black Light” or fake jazz like “Blood Secrets…” The P-funkin’ of “Dissinfordollars” really takes off and gives you the impression that, had this been a Clinton project, it might have been meatier, more fun and more focused.
Review by John Dougan

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