Bernie Worrell – All the Woo in the World (1978)

Bernie Worrell - All the Woo in the World (1978)
Artist: Bernie Worrell
Album: All the Woo in the World
Genre: Jazz-Funk, P-Funk
Origin: USA
Released: 1978
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps

Woo Together (4:36)
I’ll Be With You (7:33)
Hold On (5:00)
Much Thrust (3:56)
Happy To Have (Happiness On Our Side) (7:44)
Insurance Man For The Funk (12:44)
Reprise – Much Trust (0:43)


Parliarment/Funkadelic keyboardist Bernie Worrell’s first LP is more Funkadelic than Parliarment, and with the exception of one tune, less exciting than either. The keeper is “Insurance Man for the Funk,” 12 minutes and 39 seconds of pure P-Funk; it has everything: layered sounds, a toe-tapping midtempo beat, and some incredible horns. The chorus has a great hook — “Insurance Man for the funk/Take some insurance out on your romp/You are the beneficiaryyyy”; it also has some side cracking lines like “Leroy’s (Lloyd’s) of London,” and a great synthesizer solo by Bernie. Not to knock Bernie’s rendition, which is great, but if George had cut this with Parliament or Bootsy’s Rubber Band, it would have blown up. Unfortunately, nothing else here measures up to “Insurance Man”; the other selections have a weird feel to them. Bernie does most of the lead vocals, and Junie Morrison plays a significant role. You get the feeling that most of these tracks were first slotted for other artists under George Clinton’s umbrella of stars. “Woo Together” features Bernie and Junie on a funk number; Morrison leads the rather dull “I’ll Be Here.” The concept is supposed to be something called Woo, which is not adequately explained.
Review by Andrew Hamilton

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