Armel Dupas – Jammin’ with Friends (2021)

Armel Dupas - Jammin' with Friends (2021)
Artist: Armel Dupas
Album: Jammin’ with Friends
Genre: Mainstream Jazz
Origin: France
Released: 2021
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
CD 1:
Lush Life (Live September 25th 2020)
Aujourd’hui il a plu (Live September 25th 2020)
The Cold Season (Live September 25th 2020)
What Remains (Live September 25th 2020)
Have You Met Miss Jones (Live September 25th 2020)
La dernière valse (Live September 25th 2020)
Violao Sem Corda (Live September 25th 2020)
Rebirth (Live September 25th 2020)
The Answer Is Love (Live September 25th 2020)
Travessia (Live September 25th 2020)

CD 2:
My Favorite Things (Live October 9th 2020)
Ruby My Dear (Live October 9th 2020)
Chega de Saudade (Live October 9th 2020)
Gare Montparnasse (Live October 9th 2020)
What Remains (Live October 9th 2020)
La dernière valse (Live October 9th 2020)
The Answer Is Love (Live October 9th 2020)
Violao Sem Corda (Live October 9th 2020)
Both Sides Now (Live October 9th 2020)

CD 3:
Everything I Love (Live October 13th 2020)
Night & Day (Live October 13th 2020)
You’d Be so Nice to Come Home To (Live October 13th 2020)
Everytime We Say Goodbye (Live October 13th 2020)
All of You (Live October 13th 2020)
Just One of Those Things (Live October 13th 2020)
C’est magnifique (Live October 13th 2020)
Love for Sale (Live October 13th 2020)
Easy to Love (Live October 13th 2020)
I Get a Kick out of You (Live October 13th 2020)

CD 4:
Morning (Live October 16th 2020)
En ton absence (Live October 16th 2020)
Biche et Lion (Live October 16th 2020)
Petite fleur (Live October 16th 2020)
Lenachka Parabutchka (Live October 16th 2020)
Blues valse (Live October 16th 2020)
Mon amour, tu sais (Live October 16th 2020)
Desafinado (Live October 16th 2020)
Afternoon in Paris (Live October 16th 2020)
Le premier jour d’été (Live October 16th 2020)

CD 5:
There Is No Greater Love (Live October 20th 2020)
All the Things You Are (Live October 20th 2020)
Moon and Sand (Live October 20th 2020)
Sweet Georgia Brown (Live October 20th 2020)
Waltz for Cécile (Live October 20th 2020)
Autumn Leaves (Live October 20th 2020)
Besame Mucho (Live October 20th 2020)
F Blues (Live October 20th 2020)
Around Midnight (Live October 20th 2020)
Watermelon Man (Live October 20th 2020)

CD 6:
Dolphin Dance (Live October 23rd 2020)
How Deep Is the Ocean (Live October 23rd 2020)
How Insensitive (Live October 23rd 2020)
Falling Grace (Live October 23rd 2020)
Bye Bye Blackbird (Live October 23rd 2020)
A Taste of Honey (Live October 23rd 2020)
Nardis (Live October 23rd 2020)

CD 7:
Dans leurs pas (Live October 29th 2020)
All the Things You Are (Live October 29th 2020)
500 Miles High (Live October 29th 2020)
I Fall in Love Too Easily (Live October 29th 2020)
Jean Solo Piece (Live October 29th 2020)
F Blues (Live October 29th 2020)
I’ll Be Seeing You (Live October 29th 2020)
Besame Mucho (Live October 29th 2020)
So What (Live October 29th 2020)

CD 8:
Fee Fi Fo Fum (Live November 6th 2020)
In Your Own Sweet Way (Live November 6th 2020)
Triste (Live November 6th 2020)
It Never Entered My Mind (Live November 6th 2020)
This Here (Live November 6th 2020)
Doralice (Live November 6th 2020)
La valeur de l’air (Live November 6th 2020)
Yet Again (Live November 6th 2020)
Better Days (Live November 6th 2020)
Around Midnight (Live November 6th 2020)