Ark Sano – Eclipse: Piano Tribute To Evanescence (2005)

Ark Sano - Eclipse: Piano Tribute To Evanescence (2005)
Artist: Ark Sano
Album: Eclipse: Piano Tribute To Evanescence
Genre: Bop, Modern Classical
Origin: USA
Released: 2005
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
Going Under (05:06)
Bring Me To Life (04:58)
Everybody’s Fool (04:00)
My Immortal (05:27)
Haunted (03:29)
Tourniquet (05:50)
Imaginary (04:35)
Taking Over Me (04:27)
Hello (04:43)
My Last Breath (04:53)
Whisper (06:38)


Ark Sano arranges the music of Evanescence for solo instrumental piano on this tribute to the gothic-tinged modern rock group. Sano accentuates the austere, reflective qualities in the melodies for “My Immortal” and especially “Going Under”; both are contemplative and understated here, with plenty of lingering notes. By contrast Evanescence’s breakthrough hit, “Bring Me to Life,” is more conventional. But it sticks to the usual template for Vitamin pop tributes, offering a matter-of-fact restatement of the original, sans vocal and modified for the new instrument. Other set highlights include the contemplative “Tourniquet,” “Taking Over Me,” and “My Last Breath.”
Review by Johnny Loftus

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