April Stevens – Teach Me Tiger! (1959)

April Stevens - Teach Me Tiger (1959)
Artist: April Stevens
Album: Teach Me Tiger!
Genre: Vocal Jazz, Easy Listening
Origin: USA
Released: 1959
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
Teach Me Tiger
Do It Again
I Want a Lip
In Other Words
I Get Ideas
Talk to Me
I’m in Love Again
That’s My Name
I’m Making Believe
I’Ll Wait for Your Love
It Can’t Be Wrong
When My Baby Smiles at Me


Teach Me Tiger! represents some kind of absurd apotheosis in post-Julie London pop seduction — April Stevens’ vocals are so breathy that one can’t help but wonder whether the poor girl spent the recording session hooked up to a respirator machine. Calculated naughtiness that’s ultimately as innocent as a lamb, the album luxuriates in the double entendres and nudge-nudge-wink-wink eroticism of a simpler time. Henri René’s lush, knowing arrangements perfectly complement Stevens’ starry-eyed interpretations of songs like “Love Kitten,” “You and Only You,” and “It Can’t Be Wrong,” adding a much-needed touch of truly adult sophistication to the proceedings. Harkit’s 2008 CD reissue also appends a handful of rare tracks from Stevens’ tenure with RCA.
Review by Jason Ankeny