Anita Ward – Songs of Love (1979)

Anita Ward - Songs of Love (1979)
Artist: Anita Ward
Album: Songs of Love
Genre: Funk, Soul
Origin: USA
Released: 1979
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
Make Believe Lovers
If I Could Feel That Old Feeling Again
Spoiled By Your Love
I Won’t Stop Loving You
Ring My Bell
Sweet Splendor
There’s No Doubt About It
You Lied


An aptly titled album originally released in 1979 on TK Records. The soaring “Ring My Bell,” included here, sold a million copies but if you’re looking for similar smashes you won’t find them. Majestic ballads and mid-tempo tracks sung in Ward’s squeamishly lush soprano are what you’ll find on this menu with “Spoiled by Your Love” and “There’s No Doubt About It” as the choice picks. Though labeled a southern singer, Ward was more like Anita Baker than Betty Wright.
Review by Andrew Hamilton

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